The Political Pop

Comedians and commentators from their home webcams


Finally a good use for webcams:

The Political Pop is weekly show where our comedy experts             comment on political news clips from the past week.

All from their home webcams!

Look for a new episode every Monday morning.


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Recent Web Cam Comedians have included:

  1. -J. Keith van Straaten- E! Wildest...

  2. -J Elvis Weinstein- Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Cinematic Titanic

  3. -Jill-Michele Meleán- Mad TV, Reno 911

  4. -Mike Rotman- Politically Incorret, The Simple Life

  5. -Kris McGaha- Love Line

  6. -Dave Pullano- Blind Date

  7. -Laurie Kilmartin-

SArah Palin’s Firsrt Interview: The Bush Doctrine? I can see Russia from my house! and more!